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Build a better future

Admit it. You’ve never been a Target 2050 Fund kind of person. You’ve always had a hand in building your retirement portfolio, but never felt like the options available would allow you to achieve your dreams.

Your goals require more than picking a few sector-based ETFs, a basket of tech stocks and calling it a day. That’s not you - you’re capable of more.

At Wall to Main, we’ll give you the tools you need to build a better future and turn your dreams into reality.

Josh is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to investing in real estate through retirement accounts. In all my interactions, he has been approachable, thorough and detail-oriented in answering my questions. 

"Josh knows his stuff and has the real world experience. Wall to Main is a go-to resource when it comes to these types of accounts."

"Wall to Main has all the creative strategies that are needed to successfully invest with your retirement account. I highly recommend Josh and his team to anyone wanting to unlock their retirement funds for investing."


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Build a better future with passive investing

Have you ever felt like the growth of your investments are at the whim of algorithms used by the big movers on Wall Street who are making money off the little guy?

At Wall to Main, that's exactly how we felt. We knew there had to be a better way to put the money we've worked so hard for back to work for us - not for the big guys on Wall Street.

By passively investing in real estate syndications (group investments), you can build a better future by moving from Wall to Main.


Leverage the power of investing with others to enjoy the cash flow, appreciation and tax benefits that real estate is known for, while freeing up your time and energy as your money is put to work for your family.

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