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Multifamily Investment

Case Studies

Let's take a look at the remarkable growth your retirement account can undergo as a result of investing in multifamily properties.

We'll look at the two most common deal types available on the market today: Value-Add and Deep Value-Add.

As the name "Value-Add" suggests, the property is currently lacking in substantial value, whether it's maintenance, amenities, or expense controls and it is our job as operators to improve the property and generate increased value for both the tenant and our investors.

Here we'll uncover the expected returns for both investment types, looking at expected UBIT taxes with an SDIRA, as well as the zero tax situation seen in a Solo 401k or eQRP.

All examples are based off real investments we at Wall to Main are involved in, whether as operators of the deal, or as limited partners investing passively through our SDIRAs.

Let's start with the Value-Add Case Study, and then move to the Deep Value-Add.