Can I invest with non-retirement, cash funds?

Yes, in fact most passive investors use non-retirement funds. At Wall to Main, we just happen to specialize in helping our investors figure out the few extra steps needed to get started when using their retirement accounts.

Can I invest with my retirement account in a deal my spouse is investing in as well?

If your spouse is using non-retirement cash funds, you cannot invest in the same deal using your retirement account.

BUT! If your spouse is using a retirement account to invest, you can use your retirement account as well. You can always invest retirement funds with retirement funds.
For more info on other disqualified people, visit our Intro to Self-Directed Retirement Account page. *ADD LINK*

Can I pay for my retirement account's expenses? (legal fees, account fees, etc.)

No, this is considered an extension of credit. Your retirement must pay the expenses it incurs.

Can I use my SDIRA's unused depreciation?

No, all depreciation and other losses, as well as income, remain in your retirement account. You cannot benefit from losses incurred by your IRA.

What is the minimum investment amount?

While this amount will vary, the typical minimum ranges from $50,000-$75,000.

How long is the typical investment?

Almost all deals plan for a 5-6 year hold. You will be invested the entire time, while receiving cash flow from the property as per the operating agreement (monthly or quarterly). You should plan for your funds to be invested in the deal for the entire duration and remain illiquid.

Is setting up a self-directed retirement account difficult?

Not at all. We've distilled everything down to an easy-to-follow process that allows you to get things done fast and inexpensively. Head to our Open an Account page to get started.

Is investing in multifamily with my retirement account complicated?

Big no to this one! Investing in mulifamily with your retirement account is no more complex than using everyday, liquid cash. Once you learn just one basic rule (disqualified persons) of who you can and cannot invest alongside, you're ready to go.

Does investing in multifamily with your retirement account cost a lot of money?

The entire process involved, A-Z, is incredibly cost efficient. You'll never pay Wall to Main directly. We don't charge any fees for our education or for placing you in an investment. Instead, we are compensated by an acquisiton fee at the close of a property for the legal and financial risks required to search for and put a deal under contract. The acquisiton fee will never come out of your investment amount, and all projected returns already factor this in. The only place you'll see costs is when opening an account with one of our preferred vendors, which can be done for as little as $360 upfront, and as low as $135 in annual maintenance fees. As a result, your returns are never strongly affected by the associated costs.

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